Our Team

From left to right: Ronda, Tracey, Edgar, Crysta, Dr. John Hedrick,
Mandy, Kleigh, Amy, Stacey and Mona

Some members of our team have been together for more than 20 years. This longevity and commitment to the practice has been shown in their quality work and dedication. We are grateful to all of them for all the great work they do.

Administrative Team
There are 3 members of our administrative team. Each with their own separate functions, administrative, insurance, treatment coordination. They have all been cross trained, therefore, they understand each others respective fields of expertise. Some members of our administrative team have crossed over from the clinical side of the orthodontic field to the administrative. This knowledge better helps our patients with their understanding of procedures and their awareness of patient needs. Please feel free to ask our administrative staff any question regarding orthodontic, administrative, or insurance issues. They will be able to answer it.

Clinical Team

Our clinical and administrative teams are some of the most well respected and trained personnel in the industry. Our clinical staff has an average clinical experience of over 13 years. Each clinical member has been trained and certified by the state in their respective duties. We are grateful to have such trained and friendly members of our team.

Laboratory Team

Our office employs two laboratory assistants. Their job is to act as sterilization technicians, laboratory assistants, and in some cases orthodontic assistants. Their good work keeps the quality of patient care up and running.