Adult/Adolescent Treatment

According to most recent surveys, 30% of all orthodontic patients are 18 years or older. This number has been rising over the past years due to patient education and treatment acceptance. In our practice, we see closer to 40% of our patients being in this age range. Adult and adolescent treatment is very similar. The goal of treatment is to achieve an ideal bite for function and to place the teeth in a healthy alignment for proper oral hygiene. The result is a beautiful smile that is highly functional and healthy.

There are a number of treatment options available to our patients. They include conventional orthodontics, Invisalign, and retainer treatments. Conventional orthodontics has greatly changed over the past few years. Materials and procedures have optimized treatment times, oral hygiene considerations, patient discomfort, and esthetics. Our office offers the very best in orthodontic appliances. Options may include clear, gold, or stainless steel brackets. Invisalign is a relatively new technique in which a series of clear plastic trays are fabricated to align the teeth in short increments. The trays are worn over a prescribed time and change at designated intervals. Retainers are common appliances used in orthodontics. These appliances are useful at individual tooth movement or minor corrections. Retainers are adjusted periodically to continue the desired affect. Prior to deciding on any type of treatment, Dr. Hedrick will sit down with his patients to discuss and explain their options. Each treatment plan is individually formulated to achieve ideal outcomes for each patient.